Painful Sex…and What to Do About It

Podcast Episode #: 35 
Is this common for women in their 40s and above?

Interview with: Dr. Neelima Deshpande, MD, FRCOG, FFSRH Gynaecologist, Educator, Entrepreneur

In this episode we explore:

  • Why is sex painful for some people?
  • Causes of painful sex – first time sex, reproductive years, pelvic infections, post delivery, endometriosis, menopause
  • Painful sex – loss of desire and relationship difficulties – how to navigate these
  • Treatment options for painful sex – lubricants, accommodation, vaginal dilators, fingers, endometriosis resection
  • Psychosexual therapy in vaginismus – relationship counseling, sensate focus, vaginal dilator use
  • Painful sex at menopause – treatment options and results 

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