Mynd Myself Practitioners

Benefits to Practitioners for being part of Mynd Myself:

  • Your unique Profile (including a video interview) functions as a website within Mynd Myself to promote your services and offerings.
  • Access to potential new Clients/Patients.
  • By participating in Mynd Myself events you expand your reach and build on and amplify your professional authority in your field.
  • Ongoing marketing to a targeted audience (women 40-55+).
  • Access to another powerful vehicle from which to share your articles, white papers, blogs, podcasts, etc. with a wider audience.

If you’re a skilled and compassionate Complementary, Holistic, and Integrative (CHI) Practitioner interested in joining our Mynd Myself Practitioner Team, please click on the Apply Now! link below and fill out your information.

Once your credentials are confirmed and you have a conversation with our team to establish a mutual ‘good fit,’ you will receive instructions on next steps. 

Your Practitioner Profile will include a recorded video ‘Interview with E’ so people can ‘meet’ you before booking an appointment with you.

Practitioners are vetted using the following criteria:

  • Credentials are verified with Accreditation College(s)/Organization(s).
  • Clean background checks.
  • Patient Testimonials of recent treatment(s).
  • Peer References to confirm that you are an experienced Practitioner with genuine passion for your work. 
  • Appropriate Business Insurance.
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Are you a skilled and heart-centered Practitioner
interested in joining the Mynd Myself Practitioner Team?
We'd love to have you with us.

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