We believe that you are unique, from your thoughts, to the way you experience the world in your body. With our broad range of access keys, we are committed to unlocking tailor-made care to suit your current physical, financial, social, and emotional needs.

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Physical Accessibility

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are personal technologies that can help you communicate in one-to-one conversations. They are hand-held amplifiers with microphones that bring the sound you wish to hear closer to your ears. These small devices capture the sound you want to hear and may filter some background noise to help you hear your practioner more clearly. 

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Light sensitivity is a painful concern for many Canadians. To accomodate photosensitivity and photophobia, many complementary and alternative healthcare providers provide dim and soft lighting throughtout your consultation and treatments. 

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Many healthcare providors are using technology to enable monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings, such as in the home or in a remote area, which may increase access to care and decrease healthcare delivery costs. 

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Ideally, scent-free spaces avoid:

  • scented shampoo & conditioner
  • hair mousse or gel containing alcohol or fragrances
  • all hairspray (even “unscented” hairspray contains allergenic chemicals and masking agents)
  • scented deodorant or anti-antiperspirant (spray-on, roll-on or stick)
  • aftershave
  • body spray (e.g., “Axe” spray; shower-mist, etc.)
  • perfume or cologne (even natural ones)
  • essential oils
  • scented moisturisers
  • scented lip gloss and other scented cosmetics
  • scented laundry detergents, fabric softener or dryer sheets
  • being around tobacco or other smoke
  • being around scented candles or incense

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A sign language interpreter is someone who helps hearing impaired or deaf individuals understand a spoken language by converting it into sign language.

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Wheelchair accessible spaces must: 

  • admit wheelchairs through all necessary doors and hallways,
  • have wheelchair accessible furniture,
  • have wheelchair accessible bathrooms.

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Social Accessibility

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Language Accessibility

استكشف مقدمي الرعاية الصحية الناطقين باللغة العربية

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Trouver des prestataires francophones

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Znajdź polskojęzycznych dostawców

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ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਬੋਲਣ ਵਾਲੇ ਮੁਹੱਈਆ ਕਰੋ

Find Punjabi speaking providors

Explore los proveedores de atención médica de habla hispana.

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اردو بولنے والے فراہم کریں

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Financial Accessibility