Unleash Your Potential: Is Your Mind Holding You Back from Healing?

How Rapid Transformational Therapy Can Help

Author: Lauren M. Schmidt, RTT, C.Hyp, RISE Therapy

Have you ever wondered why those deep internal struggles keep nagging away at you even though you may have tried so many things to overcome them? Or why those lingering physical issues seem to defy explanation and healing? It’s Lauren here, ready to unravel the mystery and introduce you to the incredible world of Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®).

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy®?

Let’s start with the big question. What if I told you there’s a way to break free from the chains of internal battles and unexplained physical issues? That’s exactly what RTT® is all about. Using a blend of psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioral therapy, neuroscience, and epigenetics within the magic of hypnotherapy, RTT® is your ticket to rewiring your mind for unparalleled health, success, and happiness.


Why Hypnotherapy is Important in RTT®

Now, don’t let the word “hypnosis” conjure up images of pocket watches and mind control. Hypnotherapy in RTT® is a safe and deeply relaxing state where your subconscious mind becomes more open to identifying the root cause of your presenting issues and it’s receptive to accepting positive suggestions. It’s like tapping into your mind’s hidden treasure trove to address deeply rooted issues and reshape your beliefs.

Benefits and Effectiveness of this Therapy

Let’s talk results, shall we? RTT® is a powerhouse utilizing an array of techniques that can lead to profound shifts in your life. Here’s the lowdown on what it can do for you:

  • Rapid Results: True to its name, RTT® often delivers faster results compared to traditional talk therapy. Imagine breaking free from years limiting beliefs, struggle, pain, and self-sabotage in just a few months.
  • Heal Past Wounds: Whether it’s childhood trauma or nagging negative patterns, RTT® dives deep to address the root causes and help you heal from within.
  • Unshackle Anxiety and Depression: RTT® can be a game-changer for managing anxiety and depression. It rewires your thoughts, empowering you to manage stress, find inner peace and connection.
  • Boost Confidence: Wave goodbye to imposter syndrome! RTT® helps in building unshakable self-confidence, letting you step into your greatness with a newfound swagger.
  • Success in Business: If procrastination, self-sabotage, or sales jitters are holding you back, RTT® can equip you with the mental tools to excel in your professional endeavors.
  • Physical Healing: Surprise! RTT® isn’t limited to the mind—it’s been known to resolve or significantly alleviate physical issues. Our mind and body are connected.
  • Ponder this – every thought we think creates a physical reaction in our body. Science has discovered that over 70% of physical issues are rooted from suppressed emotions over a period of time.
  • So Much More: And that’s not all. RTT® can help with addictions, relationship issues, weight reduction, menopause, insomnia…. the list goes on.

The Transformative Path: Who Can Benefit?

If you’re navigating life and finding those struggles hard to shake, RTT® might be your guiding light. If any of this sounds familiar, it’s time to consider RTT®:

  • Lingering emotional wounds that cloud your self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Internal battles that manifest as unexplained physical issues.
  • The heavy burden of anxiety, guilt, shame, stress, or anger.
  • The shadow of depression dampening your spirit.
  • Dreams of professional success thwarted by procrastination and self-sabotage.
  • Yearning to rewrite your life’s script for freedom, peace, and resiliency.

Embrace Your Journey of Transformation

You’ve just scratched the surface of the magnificent world of Rapid Transformational Therapy®. This therapy isn’t just about covering up the problem or quick fixes that don’t last; it’s about embracing your inner strength and embarking on a transformative journey. So, whether it’s about healing past wounds, finding your path to success, or simply unleashing your true potential, RTT ® can help you rewrite the narrative of your life.


Your Point of Power is in the Present Moment: Change Can Begin Now

Are you ready to unshackle yourself from the chains of internal battles and elusive physical issues? Your path to healing and success starts with a single step.  

Let’s work together to unlock your potential and create a life that’s truly extraordinary. 

Book your Free 1-hour Discovery Call to learn more about how RTT® can help you do just that.

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