Nurturing Self-Love in Motherhood

Podcast Episode #: 31 
What to do when you don’t have time for “self-care”

Interview with: Nadine Stille, ACC, CPQC, Certified Mental Fitness Coach

In this episode we explore how to nurture yourself while being a mom:

  • We moms can be very hard on ourselves as we navigate motherhood.
  • How do we define what it means to be a ‘perfect mom’ as we balance personal and professional life?
  • Are we always thinking about the things we ‘should’ be doing, and somehow not losing our sense of self?
  • How do we deal with feeling stressed and unsettled?
  • Combat with self-love – what is that?
  • How can we practice it? (baby steps and big leaps)
  • Self-Love and Gratitude Journal

Reach Out to Nadine:

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