Make Your 40s and 50s Fabulous

Without a doubt, they can be!

Author: Esther Sarlo, BA, CEO | Founder | Myndful Spark of Mynd Myself

Who says aging is a bad thing?! Well, pretty much everyone in North American culture.

But let’s dig a little deeper into this idea, shall we?

What do people from other parts of the world think and experience about aging?

I remember leading a discussion group about this topic and one of our members, a lovely man from Congo who regularly participated in our gatherings, after listening for awhile to our whinging about and bemoaning the fact of our aging, said something along the lines of this:

What is your North American obsession with youth all about? In my culture, we celebrate aging. The young are considered to be a bit of a nuisance. Yes, their skin is supple and clear, but they are immature. Their brains and experience and wisdom are barely developed. They are inconsequential until they’ve aged a bit. They think they know everything…but clearly they do not. Whereas when people age, they grow wiser, calmer, are more astute, and have a much better perspective on life. Celebrate the wrinkles people! They are a sign of a wealth of living.

Wow, that was a bit of a ‘smack upside the head.’ It definitely shocked us all into challenging our preconceptions and judgements of ourselves…and others.

What would happen if you could celebrate EXACTLY where you are in this moment in time?

What would your life be like if you gave yourself permission to fully inhabit your whole being…your wisdom…your experience. And you accepted that your body is a metaphor for beauty…EXACTLY as you are.

 Helen Edwards, in Nothing Sexier Than Freedom says,

“My mind is blown every time I think of how my body is designed. I’m built with such divine mechanics to think, feel, look, and breathe. It’s insane!”

What’s at least one thing about your body…your being…that you could spend a few moments reflecting on right now and celebrating?

If you’d like to share your reflections and celebrations with us on our Mynd Myself Community page, we’d love to see it!



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