How to Win the Marathon of Motherhood

Podcast Episode #: 29 
Motherhood is hard! But there are ways to stay sane and on track for yourself too!

Interview with: Joanna Peters, Coach, Speaker, Author, Yoga Teacher, Founder of MOMFIT and ELiTE Movement 2

In this episode we explore how being a mom does not have to be an “on-the-job” role

  • What does that mean?
  • What does an “on-the-job” role look like?
  • What’s the reality of being a mom?
  • You were not designed to do motherhood alone.
  • But am I a failure as a mom if I need help?
  • Having it all without doing it all.
  • Filling your cup as a way to be Self-Full instead of Self-ish Some steps to take as a mom to accomplish/feel this.

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