Breaking Free from a 30 Year Journey with an Eating Disorder

Podcast Episode #: 66  
A healing journey of self-love and rediscovering life’s true nourishment

Interview with: Linda-Joy Benn, Burnout to Balance Specialist and Founder of the Benn Method 

In this episode we explore:

  • Her journey with an eating disorder.
  • Some early triggers and influences.
  • The impact this eating disorder had on her life (relationships, career, mental health, self-perception, etc.)
  • The kinds of treatments tried.
  • What brought about “success” and what does that actually mean?
  • The importance of a support system…and what could that look like?
  • Advice for “breaking pattern” and moving forward?

How to contact Linda: (or 
Brisbane Australia (stays on Standard time) 
Phone #: AU +61 412 586 528

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