Balancing Body and Being: Holistic Approaches to Metabolism and Weight Management

Our bodies are intricate ecosystems, and metabolism is the dance of life within us.

Recorded 2023 Nov 03

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True health is found in the balance of mind, body, and spirit. 

Have YOU been curious about your metabolism and how to optimize it for lasting weight management?

We’ve got you covered, on Nov 03rd we explored topics including: 

  • Metabolism: what it is, how it works, and its role in our bodies
  • Factors that influence metabolism
  • The “gut-brain axis” or connection
  • How our metabolism shifts as we age
  • How metabolism and weight  are related
    • Energy balance and weight gain/loss
  • Debunking some common myths about weight management
  • How hormones and metabolism relate to each other
  • Nourishing your body for metabolic health:
    • Food
    • Supplements
  • Exercise and metabolic health
    • Physical activity in general
    • Strength training – muscle mass and metabolic health
  • Long-term maintenance

Revitalize your body from within!

Meet the Practitioners

Dr. Anita Tannis

MD, Medical doctor,
Integrative and Functional
Medicine Physician

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Dr. Sally (Saloumeh Rounaghi)

Naturopathic Doctor
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Dr. Neelima Deshpande

Consultant Gynaecologist

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