Podcast Episode #: 70 
Is this just a made-up term or does it really Exist?

Interview with: Dr. Victoria  J. Mondloch, MD, OB-GYN, Specialist in Family Medicine, Preventative Health & Wellness, and Regenerative Medicine; Author and Speaker

In this episode we explore:

  • Hormone changes are not just a female thing.  But when does low Testosterone or ‘low T’ start?  Does it happen to all men?  How early does it start?
  • Does Andropause only apply to ‘performance’ in the bedroom? Or is it so much more?!  
  • Some of the symptoms that men can have? 
    How do they even suspect low T since nobody talks about it? 
    How can they find out if their T is low if their doctor doesn’t/won’t check their blood levels?
  • What kind of symptoms would men experience in Andropause? 
    What can doctors and healthcare providers do about making the diagnosis? 
    Whear are some of the barriers to treating low T?
  • There has been a reported increase in infertility in young couples more than in prior decades. 
    Is low Testosterone or low T partly to blame?  
  • What are ‘age appropriate’ hormone levels for men?  Isn’t being in ‘normal range’ appropriate?
  • How does this impact a man’s cardiac risk or cancer risk with aging?  
  • Does low T affect aging in general?  
  • Are there more natural things that men can do if they’re unable to pay for Testosterone replacement?  What if their insurance won’t allow treatment?


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