3 Energy Medicine Devices/Technology

Podcast Episode #: 71 
The New Horizon

Interview with: Dr. Victoria  J. Mondloch, MD, OB-GYN, Specialist in Family Medicine, Preventative Health & Wellness, and Regenerative Medicine; Author and Speaker

In this episode we explore:

  • 3 different types of Energy Medicine:
    Anodyne LED Light Therapy
    Ozone Violet Ray Therapy
    QHS Energy Medicine – Quantum Healing Systems
  • Energy medicine has been around for a long time
  • Can energy medicine work on all parts of the body?  
    Does it impact our psychological health as well as our physical health?  
  • Can energy medicine impact anti-aging?
  • What is QHS and what makes quantum energy so different from other forms of energy medicine like Anodyne?  Or like Violet Ray?
  • Should energy medicine be used alone, or can it work with other supplements, medicines or other approaches to health?  
  • Does insurance cover energy medicine treatments? 


Contact Dr. Victoria:

1 262-853-4254



Dr. Victoria’s website: https://drvictoriajmondloch.com/

Dr. Victoria’s Books:
Full bloom

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