Weight Management

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You’re Worth it!

We’re guessing, if you’re like us, over the years you have been bombarded with information about how much you should weigh—some well-intentioned data and some designed to make you feel bad so you buy into the latest diet fads or product(s). In fact, we believe you’ve been manipulated and often lied to, which is a huge part of why you may have struggled in this area of your health.

We want to reassure you that, here at Mynd Myself, there will be no body-shaming or guilting you. When we talk about weight and health, we want to point you toward information so YOU can choose what works best for YOU and your highest good.

Why Weight Management?

There can no longer be any doubt—given the plethora of studies supporting the benefits of high-quality nourishment—that nutrition is one of the primary keys to good health and weight management.

Whether you’re working on releasing, gaining, or maintaining weight, there are several common overarching factors to consider including:

  • Drinking lots of fresh, clean water for hydration.
  • Planning effectively so you always have what you need available to make healthier choices.
  • Eating well and within your budget.
  • Incorporating whole, fresh, and minimally processed foods into your everyday eating habits—include a variety of organic vegetables and fruits (in a rotation that suits your body) while minimizing pesticides, chemical additives, refined oils, sugar, salt, and gluten. If you eat animal products, do your best to obtain them from the cleanest and most ethical sources available.
  • Finding ways to make food prep quicker and easier for your lifestyle.
  • Learning about and experimenting with comfort foods that are healthier.
  • Strategizing about how to eat out in restaurants and navigate celebrations without sabotaging yourself.
  • Incorporating regular movement that works for YOU into your routine. Be sure to include stretching, strengthening, and cardio as you listen to YOUR body and its specific needs.
  • Taking even a few minutes every day to breathe intentionally and deeply.
  • Sleeping the right amount for your body each day and getting ‘good’ sleep.

How You Feel

How you feel is also a vital element in your successful management of your health, lifestyle, and weight. We suggest that all the following ‘ingredients’ are part of a healthier you:

  • Enjoyment and pleasure.
  • Release of guilt – increasing comfort and self-acceptance.
  • Confidence in yourself and in your ability to make the best choices for you. This IS possible!
  • A nourished body, mind, and spirit that learns how to avoid the ‘yucky’ feelings accompanying overeating, sugar crashes, and food comas…and celebrates the ‘wins.’
  • Overall thriving – clearer skin, renewed energy, more focus, increased presence, mental clarity, etc.
  • Less inflammation and more flow.
  • Expanded ability to move more purposefully, freely, and flexibly.
  • Sleep comes more easily and deeply.
  • It becomes easier to satisfy your emotional needs in many different ways (not just with food).
  • Celebrate what’s working!

A brief introductions to some well-known approaches to Weight Management

The following summaries are acquired from various sources, including Healthline, Everyday Health, Very Well Health, Hopkins Medicine, US News and World Report—Best Diets, Mayo Clinic, Thistle, etc.

In any approach to eating that you choose, know it is important to include healthy amounts of water, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. For a more in-depth look at any one of these following possibilities (and others), feel free to check out the specific websites related to those approaches.

We also recommend that you work with an Integrative Healthcare Practitioner or Coach who can help you implement any dietary modifications you choose to make—safely and effectively for YOUR individual needs.

Okay, let’s dive right in…

Weight Management and Lifestyle Approaches 

(listed in alphabetical order)

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Common Approaches to Weight Management

Explore the Research

We believe you should have access to high-quality research to help you make informed health decisions. Below are four trusted databases you can use as tools to expand your healthcare knowledge.