Living Pain-Free:
Holistic Approaches to Overcoming Chronic Inflammation

Recorded 2023 June 16 (approx. 90 minutes)

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Have you been struggling with chronic pain and inflammation?

You are not alone…and there ARE solutions!

Watch the recording to:

  • Learn about what causes inflammation
  • Hear about natural and safe methods for overcoming your pain and inflammation
  • Explore the mind-body connection

In this Panel we explored…

  • Defining and understanding chronic pain and inflammation
  • Why there are so many issues with pain and inflammation these days
  • How the mind and body are connected with regard to pain and inflammation
  • Complementary and Holistic Therapies that can help
  • Nutrition and supplementation – what works, what doesn’t, side effects
  • How do movement and exercise factor into this
  • Why sleep and rest are critical components in recovery
  • Environmental factors that play a role
  • Motivation and Self-Care

This informative and transformative event provides you with holistic approaches and strategies to manage pain and inflammation, so you can enjoy a more vibrant, active lifestyle. 

Meet the Practitioners


Dr. Jeda Boughton

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Tanelle Westgard, ND

Dr. Tanelle Westgard

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Dr. Anita Tannis

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