An Uncommon Cancer Conversation

Myndful Health Discussion Recording – 2024 May 03

An unusual conversation about cancer…that you’ll rarely hear!

In this Myndful Health Discussion we explore:

  • Cancer through the lens of “beauty”
  • A cancer journey story
  • What happens after the diagnosis?
  • Perspectives on Complementary, Holistic, and Integrative (CHI) Therapies
  • What do you need? Options for moving forward…
  • Shared decision-making and advocacy 
  • Follow-up, testing, ongoing support
  • Addressing body-mynd-spirit
  • Nutrition, Hydration, and Supplements
  • Self-care Practices and Ongoing Lifestyle Shifts Including: rest and sleep, nutrition, activity, stress, connection, boundaries, self-compassion, creative expression, mindfulness, fatigue management, etc.)
  • Personal and Community Support – physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, practical
  • Long-term Plan

Event Practitioners

Dr. Vicki Mondloch

Dr. Victoria Mondloch

MD, S.C., Preventive Health & Wellness, Family Medicine, & Women’s Health

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Lisa G. Roche

Lisa G Roche

Founder C2 Concierge Care, Reiki Master Teacher,  Medical Intuitive, Feng Shui Master, Author 

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Christine Toner, headshot

Christine Toner

Founder & Creative Director of
C2 Concierge Care, Cancer Thriver

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