Soul Care is the New Self-Care

Podcast Episode #: 55 
Nurturing the Deepest Layers of Well-Being

Interview with: Jennifer Regular, The Soul Illuminator, Podcast Host, Author

In today’s episode we’re exploring:

  • If we truly are “spiritual beings having this human experience” then doesn’t it make sense to focus on spiritual wellness first?
  • How do we keep our spirit intact when there is so much that threatens to dis-spirit us?
  • Reference to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Is self-care selfish? Why is self-care never enough?
  • What’s the difference between self-care and soul care?
  • How do we engage in soul care?
  • The costs of not engaging in Soul Care

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Recommended Resources:

Book: Embrace Your Power:  A Healing Journal of Self-Discovery
Blog article: Here
Soul Care Guide: Here
Podcast Awaken and Ascend: Here
More info:

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