How to Unblock Your Solar Plexus Chakra to Elevate Your Business

Podcast Episode #: 50 
Yes, your energy centers can impact your ability to be successful!

Interview with: Supriya Prasad, Spiritual Business Coach

In this episode we explore chakras and how they relate to your success in business: 

  • What are chakras or energy centers?
  • What are the manipura (solar plexus) and muladhara (root) chakras?
  • How do your energy centers/chakras directly affect your business?
  • What a blockage looks like in your business.
  • How you can heal energy blockages. 
  • What does a session with Supriya look like?

Additional Resources: 

  • Sit down and relax with Supriya online “witchy woman entrepreneurial hour” on the Third Thursday of each month @ 6:00 PM Eastern Time (New York time) Link here.

  • FREE COURSE – Switch The Energy of Your Business: Here

  • Join Supriya’s Free FB group here (women only please!)

Book recommendation:
The Book of Chakra Healing by Liz Simpson

Documentary Recommendation:
The Swami and The Serpent (more about Kundalini yoga, but it references the chakras and the origins in great detail.)

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