Because YOU Matter!

Express the uniqueness of you!

Author: Esther Sarlo, BA, CEO | Founder | Myndful Spark of Mynd Myself

Who was it that said, “No-one else can do you like you”? I’m not sure, but I believe it is a bedrock principle of being human. You are the only you in the universe…even if you happen to be a twin, which would be the closest thing possible to another you.

Because you are unique in composition and shape and thought and spirit, you have unique requirements for your own personal health and development. A cookie-cutter approach is just not sufficient!

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the swirl of shame, guilt, and dismissal that is perpetrated on us, certainly in North America. Not good enough. Try harder. Perfect is the only option. Model-thin is the standard for how to look. Mute your voice. Your dreams don’t matter. And on and on the messages spew.

Are you as tired of this onslaught as me? If you are, wouldn’t it be great to choose to live in a completely different ‘myndset’ than that one? I think so!

The crisp clean air of a spring morning, succulent flowers bursting from their bud-casings, the heart-stopping magic of a pink and orange sunset, the fecund green and earthiness of a forest, the crunch of crystalline snow underfoot, the dive into cool, clear lake water…all among the

sensuous experiences calling you home to your deep and worthy self.

What if you took the time each day to return to ‘being’…to retune to ‘being?’ What would it be like if you allowed your senses to guide you to the mystery of you unfolding?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, in Solitude of Self, says,

“Nature never repeats herself and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another.”

It is your due as a human being to be in the journey of expressing yourself. You matter! Your  irreplaceable contribution to the universe cannot be fulfilled by any other being. Your creative expression of you makes a difference.

Have you heard of ‘the butterfly effect?’ They say that the flutter of a butterfly wing in one part of the universe has the potential to shape the destiny of a planet on the other side of the universe. How then, will your actions shape not only your world but the worlds of those you encounter.

This is not meant to be another burden added…another weight to carry. Rather, it is an invitation to spread your glorious wings and fly. What is it that settles your soul? That nourishes your intimate longings? That feeds your creativity? That inspires you to take action? That helps you heal? Find those things or states of being and float in them for awhile.

If you are truly cultivating you…miracles can emerge.

Mothers talk about putting their children first. That is amazing…and awesome. What if mothers also put themselves first? What if first isn’t the right word? What if you use the word priority instead? When I think of priorities, I think of the example of a number of things on a list that must be done or accomplished. Things that all must be paid attention to with care…None of those things can be off the list…they all must be considered, attended to, nurtured.

You are one of your priorities! You are worth spending time on to get the information you need. You are worth whatever it takes to connect to someone who can help you.

We do what we do at Mynd Myself…Because YOU Matter!



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Esther Sarlo

Because YOU Matter!

Express the uniqueness of you! Author: Esther Sarlo, BA, CEO | Founder | Myndful Spark of Mynd Myself Who was

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